passacaglia imaginary music

Adam Bałdych and Leszek Możdżer

two of the hottest export names in Polish jazz

Moving at the junction of improvised and classical music, diligently burying the moat between these worlds. They played together for the first time at the Wrocław Opera in 2009, where they performed together improvised music for Arne M. Stiller’s silent film Treasure of the Family during Era Nowe Horyzonty. They have been waiting for a musical reunion for over a decade.

Both are thoroughly educated, have excellent technique, are well versed in the jazz idiom, consciously distilling it into their own language in such a way that it is understandable to the listener. They do not close themselves in rigid frames and accepted conventions, they openly go beyond the schemes both in terms of composition and performance, as well as the perception of the music itself.

Bałdych and Możdżer create a world full of balanced beauty expressed in noble chamber music, but also piled up in turbulent, improvisational dialogues saturated with intense emotions. Their exchange of musical thoughts exudes a charismatic yet mysterious charm, born from a combination of elusive yet palpable confidence and natural delicacy. It summons a musical element that cannot be fully guessed and deciphered…


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